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John Arnaldi, Nature Photographer

Eco-Psychology & Deep Ecology
Joanna Macy's Work that Reconnects 
Descent to Soul Practices at Animas Valley Institute 
Nature Connection Initiatives
​Nature's Intelligence

Any recovery of the natural world
    in its full splendor will require not            only a new economic system, but a          conversion experience deep in the            psychic structure of the human.                                     
Thomas Berry 


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​Are you concerned about the converging challenges we are
​facing in the world today and want to shape a human culture 
​dedicated to the flourishing of all life - or are you doing
​so already? ​Do you believe ​personal transformation is a crucial element in the creation of this culture? 

​If so, learning about the work at Forest Center might
​interest you. The exploratory opportunities offered support forms of inner work that uphold the well-being of self, culture and nature
as interconnected aspects of one whole - unique work that is sensitive to the needs of these unsettling times.

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Private personal growth sessions to look into the above in an in depth manner are offered.

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