Workshops are based on three overlapping core themes and are kept small to make way for intimate, depth-oriented inquiries and conversations. They are offered in a style that is experiential, exploratory, reflective, informational and interactive. Keeping in mind that each workshop is unique this can include:

~Shared inquiries looking into transformational questions
~Dialogues about themes relevant to the inner self during these pivotal times
~Investigations into emerging and forward-moving insights
~Ways of honoring our doubts, confusion and uncertainty as fertile ground
~Experiences that invite mutuality between self, society and nature
~Guided solo and group activities to move closer to and examine our growth edges
~Conversations as potential entryways into greater communal wisdom

The  workshops at Forest Center are neither psychotherapy
nor group therapy (although participants explore the
inner-interconnected self); nor are they ecology seminars
(although natural communities often play a significant role
​in the guided activities).

They do not provide the “right answers” nor do they encourage
people to adopt particular beliefs. They serve primarily as
meandering, intersecting pathways to an individual's own personal
insights into what it means to be human in a society that
cares for the whole.

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