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Harvesting the Transformational Force of


a day of rituals to become nourishing vessels for world-sorrow

…what if the world is speaking through us, and one of our
spiritual obligations is to be open to the cries of the earth?

~ Francis Weller ~

SATURDAY, MARCH 16    8:30 to 4:30

We live during a time of immense losses. The magnitude of

these losses is becoming obvious to a growing number of us unable to turn a blind eye. We are palpably sensing that the community of all life and our human souls are in peril;  
that our future is uncertain. 

Facing these predicaments is often accompanied by a unique deep sadness we can name world-sorrow  - a mixture of emotions that reveals how  interwoven we are within the web of all life. Our pain is truly the pain of our hurting world.  As interbeings, we can purposefully, communally and individually honor this personal grief while serving as vessels through which ​other beings of our Earth community express themselves.  

This carefully guided day of rituals offers a respectful space to
go to “the wild edges of our sorrow” , as Francis Weller says.
​In these spaces our grief is more likely to reset itself as a self-regenerating source of inspiration and reconnection. It can act as an essential curative ingredient ​for our collective healing.  


​ ~feel heartbroken by the harm being done to 
the biosphere, hydrosphere, etc. ;
~grapple with the malignancies we inherited 
from the misguided dominant society;
~sense a loss of soul due to the need to marginalize 
​parts of themselves.
~want to develop a more transparent and fertile 
relationship with world-sorrow.

SAT. March 16,  2019    8:30 AM to 4:30 PM     
​$95.00 (Please bring your lunch)

LOCATION - Forest Center (on five wooded acres 30 miles north 
of Tampa). Directions sent once you register.