Forest Center
                             Personal Growth for a Flourishing Planet

Broadly speaking, workshops (and dialogues) are designed for individuals who seek personal transformation in ways that are intertwined with ecological and social well-being. 
More specifically, and keeping in mind that each workshop is created with different (and overlapping) purposes, participating in them might be of interest to those who:

~are actively involved as change-makers and are feeling drawn to doing pertinent inner work
~are dedicated to personal growth and feel the need to widen the positive impact of this growth
~are interested in clarifying the difference between the conditioned self that serves the industrial growth society      and the ecological self that serves all life
~find it important to define their own unique contributions to a life-affirming future
~feel caught in the grip of negative cultural trends and want to strengthen the capacity for a radical re-orientation
​  toward that which - simply put - makes more sense
~are curious about how nature, society and self are interrelated
~want to learn more about what it means to be human in an ecologically-minded society

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