​Rebecca Blanco

Throughout four decades I have served in the mental health field working as a psychotherapist with individuals committed to their emotional and interpersonal healing. While completing a Masters and a Doctorate I developed an affinity for a humanistic approach. Its focus on our greater human potential has guided and sustained my work. As today's disquieting uncertainty about our future became increasingly apparent to me I decided to make a shift in the way I work that stretches the boundaries of this human-focused perspective. It became important to adopt a more whole-centered framework and do my small part to contribute to a life-affirming society.

I was drawn to ecopsychology and deep ecology which address the interactions between ecological, social and psychological forces and, in turn, reveal the complexity of our planetary situation​. To better comprehend this complexity, the ​far-reaching crisis of our times, and my own role in its causes and solutions, I participated in numerous programs and training opportunities including the following:

~Animas Valley Institute's wilderness-based programs
  ~Work That Reconnects with Joanna Macy
  ~Transition Trainer Certification through Transition U.S.
​  ~Mentorship with ecopsychology instructor & author, Andy Fisher
  ~Permaculture Design Course at Grow Permaculture
  ~Interfaith Seminary Program through One Spirit Learning Alliance
  ~Facilitator Training for the Awakening The Dreamer Symposium (Pachamama Alliance)

In 2008 I founded the Bridge, a nonprofit organization in Tampa whose purpose is to discuss
paradigm-shifting ideas while building community. We continue to be actively engaged today.

​​​​​​​The creation of Forest Center comes out of an amalgam of the above experiences together with the conviction that personal transformation
within a wider ecological-social context is a crucial aspect in our efforts to create ​a human culture able to live reciprocally with the living Earth

My role as a facilitator is newly crafted and differs from my role as a  
​counselor in that the workshops are not therapy, but ​rather carefully
designed opportunities to understand and cultivate the self ​in an
​eco-centered manner. 

            Forest Center
                             Personal Growth for a Flourishing Planet