Forest Center
                             Personal Growth for a Flourishing Planet

We are all aware that a global change
in human consciousness is absolutely necessary now. Every heart can make this choice. A new consciousness is arising in us and around us. We long ​for it and we need to help each other strengthen its reality.
Veronica Goodchild


​A Collective Awakening

We are living in the midst of a collective awakening. The global challenges giving rise to this awakening are now commonly recognized and clearly documented. It is no longer possible to refute that we are at the center of a notable transformation and that a viable future depends on our readiness to live mutually alongside an all-inclusive Earth community...and that a decisive shift in the way we live is imperative. 

The Movement
As we navigate through this paramount transition we see this awakening taking form as a vigorous world-wide movement gaining momentum by the day. Energized by
​a pulsating sense of urgency and a shared  burst of inspiration, an increasing number of people and communities are now shaping the future by boldly creating new ways of living that are positively transforming our culture.   

​​​​​Shaping the Future: The External
This movement is now occurring in two interdependent areas. One pertains to the creation of the external structures of our society. Regenerative food-production systems, renewable energy infrastructures, wilderness preservation projects, massive localization efforts, fair-minded economic models and a multitude of grassroots initiatives have been emerging through the fray. Although the challenges abound and there's still a long way ahead, these unfolding endeavors are blazing the way forward instilling hope.

The Internal
The second area upon which the future is being shaped pertains to a less visible terrain where investigations of the inner realms of our humanity are acting as potent catalysts for change. These realms (self, psyche, soul, spirit, consciousness) refer to that which is more subtle and ineffable - and thus possibly a bit mystifying. Numerous efforts to mobilize this internal dimension on behalf of a life-enhancing society have been sprouting throughout the globe. The focus is on who we are to "become" as an ​essential counterpart to what we are to "do". 

​​We could say - from this place of interiority - that a big question has been coming forth: can we create a truly
Earth-honoring society with its well-needed externals infrastructures without also activating a corresponding
form of internal development that is inherently aligned with the regenerative world many of us yearn to live in? 

Forest Center was formed to reflect on this question proactively.